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How Do I Join the Beaverton Elks Lodge?

So You Want to Become A
Beaverton Elk?

To be eligible for membership in any Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, you must be a citizen of the United States over the age of 21 who believes in God.

To become a Beaverton Elk you must also be sponsored by an Elk member in good standing. The Beaverton Elk who proposes you for membership must obtain a Membership Application from the Lodge Secretary and must fill out a section of it. Then the Application will be given to you – fill it in, following the instructions and answering all questions. Return the completed application to the Lodge Secretary with the prescribed fees.

Summary of the Steps for Becoming A Beaverton Elk

  1. SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION – New Members, as well as Re-instatements, Transfers and Associates, submit a properly completed application to be read in Lodge. The application must be signed by the applicant and Proposer.
  2. PUBLICATION – Notification of these applications must be published in the Elkhorn (Check the Elkhorn calendar for the deadline date. If this deadline is not met, the applicant must wait for the following month to be Initiated.
  3. INVESTIGATION – Applicants meet with a member of the Lodge to discuss why they want to be an Elk, and to "get to know you". Without being investigated, the applicant may not be voted on and must wait for the following month to be investigated and voted on. Letters with an appointment for Investigation are mailed two weeks prior to Investigation.
  4. BALLOT – After being voted into the Lodge, Re-instatements, Absolute Dimits and Transfers receive their membership cards and ar invited to attend Indoctrination and Initiation, when they will be introduced to the Lodge.
  5. INDOCTRINATION – The last mandatory step for New Members before INITIATION, when they learn what is involved in belonging to Beaverton Elks Lodge #1989.
  6. INITIATION – Applicants must attend INITIATION and have all fees paid before becoming a member of Beaverton Elks Lodge #1989.

After initiation as an Elk, you can take part in all meetings and social functions of the Lodge.


The following fee chart is current as of June 2006:

  1. Initiation Fee (must accompany the application) – $30.00 + dues prorated from the first available initiation after the application is received. Note: Rejected Applicants shall have all application fees returned to them by the Lodge.
  2. Reinstatement Fee – $20.00 + prorated dues
  3. Absolute Dimit – an affiliation fee of $15.00 + prorated dues
  4. Certificate of Release – $20.00 for former lodge + $20.00 affiliation fee + prorated dues
  5. Transfer Dimit and Absolute Dimit – $15.00 affiliation fee + prorated dues
  6. Associate – $25.00 + a one-time affiliation fee of $15.00
  7. Dues – Lodge dues are per annum, and may be paid before April 1st. Because the amount varies slightly each year based on events at National level, you should check with the Lodge Office for the current amount – 503-646-6116.

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